A Patient’s Complete Guide to Square Jaw Reduction Surgery

Square Jaw Reduction Surgery in Delhi

A Patient’s Complete Guide to Square Jaw Reduction Surgery

As the name suggests, square jaw correction involves narrowing and contouring the jawline in people who have square jaws. This procedure is often used by women who want their faces to be slimmer, with a more tapering jawline. Also called jaw reduction surgery, this is a staple procedure in facial feminization surgery and helps achieve the ideal heart-shaped face shape coveted by many women.

The goal of square jaw correction is to create a slimmer jawline that looks natural and improves facial symmetry. When performed by an expert cosmetic surgeon, this procedure is completely safe and precise, especially with the use of the latest technologies for predictable results.

Who is Eligible for Jaw Reduction Surgery?

Anyone with a square jaw desiring more balanced results is eligible for this procedure. Many conditions may cause a square jaw in women, including:

  • A genetic predisposition for a large, angular jawbones
  • Lower jaw bone enlargement due to a hormonal imbalance
  • Thickening and enlargement of the masseter muscle (the muscle present on both sides on the back of the lower jaw that may get bulky with excessive chewing, biting, or teeth grinding), which causes an increase in size and width of the underlying jaw bone

By creating the appearance of a masculine square jaw, these conditions can cause a lot of insecurity in women. Their self-esteem can get significantly affected, in turn impacting their mental health. Thus, they become more self-conscious and are constantly aware that they do not have the heart-shaped face that befits their personality. Jaw reduction surgery helps these women feel beautiful on the inside and out.

The results of this surgery are permanent, so there is also a lot of planning that goes into the procedure before it is actually performed. Maxillofacial surgeons in Delhi are extremely thorough and careful in this pre-surgical planning because they understand that the procedure is a big and potentially transformational step for anyone considering this surgery. An expert surgeon is sensitive to the psychosocial implications of the surgery and is focused to achieve an outcome that makes a woman feel more comfortable in her body.

In this article, we want to discuss the nuances of square jaw correction in complete detail to fully understand the surgery and what it etntails before undergoing it.

Square Jaw Reduction Surgery in Delhi

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    How to Prepare for Jaw Reduction Surgery

    Much like any surgery, every step matters. Following both pre-op and post-op protocols to a T ensures you get the best results. With jawline contouring, these practices are even more vital to achieve the most aesthetic and natural-looking outcome.

    To get the most predictable and safe results, there are some steps you should take with your surgeon.

    Be Honest and Clear About Your Jaw Reduction Surgery Expectations

    The results of jawline contouring are permanent. Changing the bony framework of your face is a big commitment and requires a clear vision and realistic motivation in your mind about the expectation.

    You are altering your face – the first thing people see when they look at you, your most defining feature – and you need to know precisely what you are looking for and convey it clearly to your surgeon.

    Many people expect that they can look like their favourite celebrity after this procedure. This is not a realistic expectation. Your face is your own and the goal of any knowledgeable surgeon would be to make you a better version of your own self. Someone else’s jawline may not be the best fit for your facial architecture and replicating it may result in unnatural results.

    Providing a Complete Medical History Before Jaw Reduction Surgery

    Square jaw correction is like any other surgery – you need to give your surgeon a complete medical profile. This involves discussing any medication you use, any illnesses you have, etc. Providing such information ensures that you have a completely safe and satisfactory experience with no adverse results.

    Creating a Jaw Reduction Surgery Simulation

    Simulation surgery is a game-changer. This state-of-the-art technology is only available with a handful of maxillofacial surgeons in Delhi. It involves using 3D scanning and printing software and equipment to mould and sculpt your ideal jaw.

    Your surgeon uses a scan of your facial bones to perform a mock surgery in a virtual session with you. You can see all the steps and decide precisely how much jaw bone reduction you want. The precision of this technology allows you to measure this down to the millimetre. Therefore, you and your surgeon determine your final jawline virtually, which they can then replicate during surgery by means of 3D printing technology.

    The mock jaw reduction surgery helps provide a cutting guide for your surgeon, allowing them to replicate the results, so your face looks exactly like it does in the simulation. Thus, this process gives you complete control over the outcomes.

    There are certain clinical limitations involving nerves in your jawbone that your surgeon needs to avoid while cutting. However, well-trained surgeons take all these limitations into account while sculpting, so you get a realistic, natural-looking jawline while ensuring complete safety. This technology is, therefore, very sophisticated and ensures the best results.

    Precautions to Take Before Jaw Reduction Surgery

    Apart from the previous pointers, you should take certain other precautions before undergoing square jaw reduction.

    If you smoke, you need to stop for at least two weeks before surgery. However, you should also remember that smoking and other such health-related habits can increase the chances of surgical risks. In addition, the healthier your body is when you undergo surgery, the faster and more comfortable your recovery will be.

    You should also get an oral prophylaxis (scaling) a week before surgery. Doing this improves your oral hygiene, health, and, therefore, surgical outcome.

    So, now that we understand how to prepare for square jaw reduction let us explore how the surgery itself happens.

    Jawline Reduction Surgery – The Complete Procedure

    Square jaw correction surgery is performed under general anaesthesia, ensuring that the patient stays completely comfortable during the surgery. The procedure is performed entirely through incision given inside the mouth, leaving no stitches or scars on the face.

    The jaw bone is shaved off millimetre by millimetre from the bottom edge according to the surgical plan with the help of the 3D printed guides. Your surgeon takes special care to keep important nerves and tissues intact, so jaw functioning is intact. Through such precision and using the 3D model guide, the jaw is slowly made more sleek and slender while maintaining facial symmetry.

    Since the amount of bone that needs removal is pre-planned, you have a complete visual of the results before going into the procedure. Additionally, maxillofacial surgeons in Delhi at RG Aesthetics like Dr. Sanchaita Kohli have access to advanced Piezotome technology. Piezosurgery is an extremely precise procedure that targets only bones without causing any trauma to neighbouring tissue and nerves.

    The entire surgery takes about 1.5-2 hours, depending on the extent of reduction. The result is a V-line jaw that looks aesthetic and creates the heart-shaped face the patient desires.

    Procedures Done Alongside Jaw Reduction Surgery

    While contouring the jaw and shaving it down to make it narrower is one part of square jaw correction, it may also include other procedures to provide a comprehensive well-contoured look.

    One of the most common procedures performed alongside jaw reduction is chin repositioning for reduction or augmentation, also called genioplasty. This is a very versatile procedure that can potentially fix pretty much every kind of problem in chin size, shape and contour.

    Sometimes, apart from getting a V-line chin shape, a woman may desire a change in chin projection. This can be achieved during the same operation and through the same incision as jawline contouring. The chin bone is surgically separated and rigidly fixed to a more desirable position using plates and screws.

    Often your surgeon may also recommend a procedure called buccal pad fat removal. Buccal pad of fat is stored in your cheeks and makes your face look round and plump. Removing it accentuates the cheekbones and jawlines, while preventing your skin from sagging, giving you a more contoured face.

    This is a very simple 10-15 minute procedure that can be performed in the same operation as the jawline contouring through a ½ cm incision inside the mouth. It is a humble procedure, but can remarkably improve the shape of the face.

    Another procedure performed alongside jaw contouring is treating masseter hypertrophy. As established, the masseter muscles are the muscles on either side of the back of the lower jaw. When people bite, chew or grind their teeth excessively, these muscles bulk up into masseter hypertrophy and contribute to the square jaw shape.

    Masseter hypertrophy treatment involves either surgically debulking the muscles or injecting Botox into the muscles. Botox injections are meant to relax muscles temporarily – this is how they counter facial wrinkle formation. Therefore, by injecting them into the masseter muscles, they become relaxed, which helps your surgeon correct the overall shape.

    Recovery and Results After Jaw Reduction Surgery

    This procedure has a relatively speedy and painless recovery. Since you decide the results before going into surgery, the chances of anything going wrong are substantially reduced. Especially with the advanced technology available today, the results are very refined and precise, replicating the 3D model perfectly.

    Bony remodeling takes around 3-6 months to take effect. The soft tissues draping over the bone also continue to remodel and heal over 6 months, with a gradual and constant decrease in post-surgical swelling. The aesthetic outcome gradually improves over the weeks following surgery. The recovery timeline for jaw reduction surgery involves:

    • 2-3 weeks of swelling after the procedure
    • Avoiding solid foods and heavy exercise for 7 days after the procedure
    • Resuming a regular diet and exercise routine after a week
    • Rinsing the wounds regularly with saline to maintain wound hygiene
    • Temporary lip numbness for 4-6 weeks

    Following this protocol ensures that you get the best results from your square jaw correction. You should have the attractive V-shaped jawline you covet with regular follow-ups and the recommended aftercare processes.

    Square Jaw Reduction Surgery in Delhi

    Possible Risks Associated with Jaw Reduction Surgery

    When performed by an expert, jaw reduction surgery is a low-risk procedure, especially with the use of advanced technology and equipment. However, with any surgery, there are some potential risks and complications, which may be summarised in this case as:

    • A double chin
    • Asymmetrical face
    • Lower teeth damage
    • Permanent numbness in the lips
    • Soft tissue laxity
    • Unaesthetic outcome
    • Wound infection

    All it takes to avoid these risks is to do a thorough background check on your surgeon and choose a centre that can adequately cater to your needs.

    The Cost of Jaw Reduction Surgery

    The cost of jawline contouring depends on the extent of work required. Each face and each case is different. The scope of work may include a number of combinations of steps including: chin advancement or retrusion, chin lengthening or shortening,  symmetry correction, ostectomy / shaving of jaw angles and / or body. This can only be established after the planning session with your surgeon.

    While the results depend on you as a patient, they also heavily depend on the surgeon, centre, and techniques employed. Many people opt for lower-quality procedures because they do not want to incur high surgical costs.

    However, this mindset does more harm than good since they may not get the results they want. Then they are forced to undergo revision surgery, putting them at increased risk, driving up the price of the procedure, and limiting how much leeway the surgeon has to make substantial changes.

    So, what should you look for before undergoing jaw reduction surgery?


    Qualified Maxillofacial Surgeon

    Doing a thorough background check and consulting only with well-qualified maxillofacial surgeons in Delhi trained in facial feminization surgery ensures much better results. You can also look at surgeon reviews online for better clarity about what other patients have experienced. Additionally, if they have a website where they post before and after pictures, looking at these can help you formulate your plans better.

    Yes, choosing an expert is more expensive, but remember, you are investing in yourself and your appearance. Moreover, this procedure is permanent, so you should get it right on the first try instead of compromising for lower quality. The long-term benefits far outweigh the immediate financial repercussions.


    Well-Equipped Centre

    The second step is choosing a centre that has access to the necessary technology and offers personalized patient care. Very few centres have access to ultrasonic bone surgery, 3D simulation and printing technology along with well-trained surgeons that can use them efficiently. At RG Aesthetics, all our centres are equipped with these technologies and equipment and the care provided to each patient is extraordinary.

    You want to choose a centre that facilitates your recovery in a peaceful and friendly environment. Although square jaw correction is a daycare procedure, the patient may still want to stay the night and should have the option. Ensuring that your centre of choice gives you these options enhances your experience.

    If you have a qualified surgeon with a well-equipped centre, it stands to reason that they have the expertise and technology necessary to cater to your needs and comfort. Therefore, you are sure to get the results you envision for yourself by taking these preventive measures.

    At RG Aesthetics, Dr Sanchaita Kohli is the expert maxillofacial surgeon in Delhi, specialising in facial feminization surgery (FFS) and creating a V-line jaw. With expertise in the latest Piezotome and 3D technology, she ensures that you get the safest and most natural-looking results from your square jaw correction surgery!

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